Friday, May 4, 2012

Benefits of Online Distance Learning for Non-Profit Professionals

Non-profit professionals need access to some sort of training or classes to sharpen their skill-set and continually improve upon their professional competence. Many non-profit organizations regularly arrange classes or training sessions to educate their employees to enhance their effective management of various events and its guests. However, it is not always possible for non-profit volunteers to participate in workshops or classes physical constraints like long distance travelling, lodging, and time. In such circumstances, organizing an online distance class/workshop proves to be highly beneficial.
Creating online classes is extremely easy - you just need to get hold of a Cloud-based class management software to start imparting education over the internet. Anyone, any time can attend your non-profit educational classes since it doesn't require you to travel or lodge away from your home. .
Some other key benefits of organizing a distance learning course are as follows:
Preparing & Conducting Classes Online
You can easily start taking classes via a variety of online Learning Management Systems (Moodle, Sakai, etc.). These online Learning Management Systems can be accessed free of charge. It lets you conduct one or multiple classes or training programs, easily and quickly.
Simplify the Registration Process
People can get bored with a lengthy, time-consuming registration process. Converting to an online registration system lets people complete the sign up process in relatively no time. Non-profit professionals can access the registration site, 24x7 via their PC to fill up and submit the completed the form instantly, without any time delay.
Accept Payments Online
It becomes a hassle free procedure for people to pay their registration fees online rather than visit in person to submit the same. A number of online payment solutions are available in the marketplace that you can integrate with your training events website. This will allow prospective participants to send money via their credit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, and so on. Cloud-based payment solutions are easy to manage and require no additional person to handle the same.
Enables Increased Interaction
Online classes offer a great scope for busy volunteer management professionals to connect, interact, and discuss vital issues in a common platform. The Learning Management Systems come with the option of creating an online forum wherein the members can talk amongst themselves to share practical knowledge and learn from others. Online forum s are excellent platforms to bring together diverse people from multiple locations under one roof to chat and discuss several volunteer related issues and other resources directly relevant to the real-world challenges faced by non-profit professionals.

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