Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prepare For The Bar Exam By Going At Your Own Pace

Graduating from law school is no easy task, but the hardest part is yet to come - passing the Bar.
The Bar exam prep can be painful, confusing and extremely stressful. But there are ways to organize the confusion, ease the stress and overcome the pain of constant studying. Bar exam prep should begin immediately after graduation and ends the moment you sit down to take the bar exam.
Study tips:
Bar exam prep comes in many forms. There are online classes, classroom courses and even apps to study for it. Even if you are enrolled in a bar exam preparation course, you will need to study by yourself if you hope to pass the exam. You can join a study group or continue a group you joined in law school. We all learn at a different pace and in different ways, but there are tips available for anyone who wants to pass the exam.
Get organized. Don't waste study time searching for your flashcards or a written passage. Organize your notes, color-code your binders and separate flashcards by subjects or laws. That way, when you are ready to study, you can take only what you need for the day. Resist carrying everything you own that has to do with law - that will only break your back and your spirit.
Tell your friends and family that you are preparing for the Bar. If you plan to complete your bar exam prep course and studying right after graduation, let your friends and family know. They may feel slighted if you ignore their social invites, so just let them know that you're unavailable for a few months, but that you'll take a rain-check on the fun.
Learn the basics. Getting prepared for the Bar is about more than memorization. This is the time to really dig into law and be able to apply it to situations. But you can't apply laws you don't know, so get to know the basics with an outline (or use the outline given to you by your bar exam prep course). Fill in the outline with more specifics as your studying continues and soon you'll know the ins and outs as well as how to apply the laws.
Stop ordering takeout. It seems only natural that for a successful bar examination prep you lock yourself in the library or your home and never come out again. However, eating prepackaged food full of preservatives is not going to help your concentration. Cut out the fat, sugars and caffeine to keep your mind and body alert.
Manage your stress
Take a break! When you hit the wall, sometimes it's better to grab another cup of coffee and power through the obstacle. Other times, it's better to get up, walk away from your study material, and clear your head for a few minutes. Each day is precious when preparing for the exam, but it is important to know your limit. When frustration sets in, take a 10-minute walk, a hot shower or eat a healthy snack. A walk around the block will help clear your mind and relieve stress. If you're studying at home, resist turning on the television or gorging on junk food. A hot shower will relax your muscles and a healthy snack will keep your mind sharp during process.

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  1. This is some great advice and on certain level, applicable to all exams. I am just solving LSAT Sample Questions right now, preparing for the exam and when I started I had no clue where to begin. I didn’t panic and now I think I’m getting used to the idea of what comes next.